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Six Characters in Search of an Author 

By Luigi Pirandello

Adapted by Wise Fish Theater Collective, based on the personalities of our members.


Six characters enter a theater...and they won't leave.


In this modern adaptation of Luigi Pirandello's classic work, the heart and soul of theater confronts its logistics and bottom lines, asking us to reconsider the timeless question: does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?


Or, more importantly, is this whole art thing a sham to begin with? 

Team: Eh-den Perlove, Stage Manager. John Wilder, lighting design. Heather McDevitt-Barton, costume design.

Starring: Franco Pedicini, Meghan Ginley, Colleen Slattery, Alen Kolenovic, Conrad Shaw, Natasa Warasch, Victoria Grace, Anthony Abdo, Bianca Soto

Photography: Deia Schlosberg

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