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I love theater that explores the medium itself, and tend toward pieces that allow for big, broad, bombastic theatricality in pursuit of illuminating small truths in small moments. I want my work to help to cultivate a sense of wonder about our natural world. The environment is a character. The Earth is the story! I work collaboratively, and I trust an actor's instincts. I have a fondness for incorporating live music and foley work. I am not above a fart joke. 

Here are some nice things people have said about me:

AC Rutherford (They/Them), Actor: “As a director, Martina emphasizes creativity, collaboration, and confidence in her team. I rarely feel as valued as an actor and human as I do when working with Martina, whose clear vision, openness to interpretation, and immense sense of humor make her an incredible leader and an enthusiastic theatre practitioner.”

Danielle DeMatteo (She/Hers), Playwright, Composer, Producer and Founder of SheNYC Arts: "Martina is an incredibly smart, witty, talented director. She is always able to pinpoint the intentions of the text and get the most important messages across to the actors and audience with unmatched clarity. I would trust her with anything. [Even my baby.] [Don't include that.] [Or you can include it if you want.] She brings a directness to the rehearsal room that translates into how the story comes across onstage, and gives great comfort to the writer who is trusting her with her work! And, she's hilarious."

Jack Saleeby (He/His), Actor: "Working with Martina was a joy. She provides a safe inclusive environment for actors to play in while not only being clear and concise with her direction, but also approached each moment with a flare of inspiration, challenging everyone in the space to make big, bold, and specific choices."

Kellie Taylor (She/Hers), Stage Manager: "Martina is a natural.  She has a strong voice and a clear vision.  She communicates clearly and directly.  It was a joy working with her.  Martina believes in people and she knows how to bring out the best in them onstage and off. Working with her made me a better stage manager."


Will Thames (He/His), Actor: "Martina is a masterful presence in any rehearsal space, be it large or small. She works efficiently, affording time and consideration for all ideas in the room and ensuring that the whole ensemble arrives at the same theatrical destination as a single unit. Her sense of play and character make her an actor’s dream collaborator, with a grounded sense of purpose behind every beat of blocking, storytelling, etc. Hire her, you plebs. "

"Six Characters in Search of an Author" in rehearsal

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