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The Human Incubator

by Elinor + Drew Vanderburg, Playwrights and Composers


In a world in which humans lay eggs, one woman does things the old fashioned way.

Posey Powers, an employee at the elite adoption breeding firm, GenEgg, lays eggs better than anyone. But when she fails to deliver her monthly deposit, Posey is fired and forced to contend with an unprecedented physical perversion, the likes of which her world has never seen: carrying a child INSIDE of her actual BELLY! Posey must grapple with her society’s views on childbearing, contraception, perfection, freedom, and the concept of family, while society reckons with the formidable human incubator herself. 

Team: Ember Ollom, Stage Manager. Yeujia Low, Music Director.

The Connelly Theater

Summer 2017

With the SheNYC Summer Theater Festival

Starring: Bruce Bluett, Justin Ivan BrownStephanie Gomérez, Paige Russo, Lindsay Ortmeyer, Sumner Perera, Melody Perera, Lee Collins, Killian Lock, Rudy Bamenga, Nadira Foster-Williams

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